Chinnalapatti Devangar Higher Secondary School & Devangar Girls Higher Secondary School

சின்னாளபட்டி தேவாங்கர் மேல்நிலைப்பள்ளி & தேவாங்கர் பெண்கள் மேல்நிலைப்பள்ளி

About UsAnyone can dream up great ideas, but an idea is nothing until it's realized

Devangar Educational Association (DEA) was founded in 1950 and has been functioning since then. DEA has been reconstituted as Chinnalapatti Devangar Mahajana Sabai (CDMS) in 2011. CDMS is a socio economic upliftment society, which involves dignitaries from 7 villages (Keelakottai, Mettupatti, Thenpudur, Sekkapatti, Naduvoor, Pu.Re.Re, Pa.Sa.Sa) in Chinnalapatti. The objective of CDMS is to uplift economically and socially backward people and weavers in Devangar community. CDMS functions from Secretary Office inside Devangar Higher Secondary School campus. President and Secretary of CDMS act as DHSS's President and Correspondent respectively.

A 11 member committee appointed by CDMS manages all operations runs and maintains the schools Devangar Higher Secondary School and Devangar Girls High School.

CDMS is planning to expand and deepen their socio economic uplift engagement, by construction of buildings with all amenities, improving infrastructure facilities to provide advanced education by starting higher educational institutions like Arts and Science colleges, Vocational and Professional institutions.



From a promising beginning, the school has progressed to become an educational institution par excellence. Over the last 7 decades, our students have made us proud by making it to premier institutions all over the globe. We at DHSS aim at the holistic development of our learners and inculcate in them the spirit of ‘the world as a family’. It is our earnest endeavour to make them value based and sensitive world citizens.



"The aim of the DHSS is to make its students enlightened and useful members of society. When they enter the world they should be able to take a dynamic interest in the betterment of their abodes and society and when they grow up, they should be able to fit themselves conveniently into the advanced social and technological world of tomorrow."



DHSS is my School. Make me proud of it! Make it proud of me!

The Pillars of Our Institution

Our Valuable Correspondent

Mr. B. Ragavan D.T.Tech., elected as Correspondent by CDMS, efficiently manages both schools. Brought in many infrastructural upgrades and planning to enrich both schools infrastructure by pulling in funds from across the globe. Current website development is a part and parcel of that initiative.

Who Drives a good school ?

Mr. T. Babu M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., P.G.D.C.A., designated as Headmaster, skillfully manages the entire operation of Devanagr Higher Secondary (Government aided and Self finance) Schools in this campus. During his period of office, he has been working with an ultimate aim to provide quality education yielding a good result in Public exams.

Being a Bold Leader

Mrs. G. Vinayaga Jayanthi M.A. M.Ed., designated as Headmistress, skillfully manages the operation of Devangar Girls High School. Her personal agenda is to make good respectable and obedient students to the society. She with all teachers has been working as a team to achieve the goal of 100% result in public exams every year and had achieved the same so for.

Current Management Committee

Mr. S.P. Bethanasaamy

Mr. B. Ragavan

Mr. S. Balasubramani
Vice President

Mr. A. Meganathan

Mr. A. Devarajan

Mr. K. Jayaram

Mr. N. Subburam

Mr. N. Navaneethan

Mr. V.K.P. Selvaraj

Mr. S. Ramesh Babu


Appreciation from our Alumni shining across the globe, adding jewels to our crown!