Chinnalapatti Devangar Higher Secondary School & Devangar Girls Higher Secondary School

சின்னாளபட்டி தேவாங்கர் மேல்நிலைப்பள்ளி & தேவாங்கர் பெண்கள் மேல்நிலைப்பள்ளி

History about UsWe have been seeded and branching on history too

How History Speaks on Us

At the time of India's independence there were two middle schools and one primary school in Chinnalapatti. All students from villages in and around Chinnalapatti belonged to these schools. And there were two high schools in Dindigul at that time. Therefore, students who studied in Chinnalapatti had to go to Dindigul for studying 9th to 11th standard classes after completing 8th standard. Many students had a habit of dropping out of school after 8th standard due to economic backwardness in their homes which didn’t allow them to go to high school in Dindigul. Hence some dignitaries in the town made a great effort to start a high school in Chinnalapatti, considering that students could spend more time in their studies and concentrate well.

DHS established in 1950

On 22-6-1950, Devangar High School (DHS) was founded by the rare initiatives of Devangar Educational Association dignitaries Mr. L.K.B. Lagumaiya, Mr. N.P.R. Nallukaamu Chettiar, Mr. P.V.P. Ponraj, Mr. P.S.K. Soundappan, Mr. Gopal Iyer and many good hearted, economically unstable common people in and around Chinnalapatti. DEA collected funds called ‘Magimai’ from economically backward weavers, traders and other people from Devangar community. Mr. Nallukaamu Chettiar had taken charge as President, Mr. L.K.B. Lakumaiya as Correspondent and Mr. K.A. Vanchi Iyer B.A.L.T. as Headmaster then.

First year of schooling was arranged to teach only from 5th to 9th standard. Subsequently 10th standard was added in 1951 and 11th standard in 1952. Hence DHS became a full-fledged high school for grades 6 to 11. In the year 1952-53, the first batch of DHS students wrote 11th standard government public examinations called S.S.L.C. (Secondary School Leaving Certificate). Mr. S. Meyyappan became the first academic topper of DHS.

Initially DHS was started as coeducation and in 1965, Devangar Girls High School (DGHS) was started for grades from 6 to 11, to teach girl students separately. DGHS was operating in a rented building initially and with efforts of then MLA Mr.A.M.T. Nachiyappan, DGHS Headmistress Mrs.K. Amaravati, teachers, students and many village elders’, foundation stone was laid in 1970, new school building was inaugurated in 1975 and schooling was shifted to newly constructed building. By same year DHS’s Arignar Anna Open Air Theatre, Science lab and playground stage has been constructed and inaugurated.

More about Us

Leaders Visit to School..

Many important national and regional personalities have visited our school. Prominent among them are Hon'ble Ex. Chief Minister K. Kamaraj, Hon'ble Ex. Chief Minister Rajaji, Hon'ble R. Venkatraman, Hon'ble Ex. Chief Minister M. Bakthavatsalam, Hon'ble Ex. Chief Minister Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi, Hon’ble Ex. Chief Minister Makkal Thilagam M.G. Ramachandran, Hon’ble Nadigar Thilagam Shivaji Ganesan, Hon'ble Naavalar Nedunchezhiyan and Hon'ble Padma Shri Prof. Solomon Pappaiah.

  • Jodippura: By then students have decided to stage a play to raise funds to construct new buildings of our school. School Management has invited Hon’ble Ex. Chief Minister Makkal Thilagam M.G. Ramachandran as special guest. M.G.R. accepted the invitation and came to our school in 1953. At that time, students staged a play named Jodippura. The play starred students Meyyappan and Rajalakshmi as protagonist.
  • Hon'ble Ex. Chief Minister Mr. Rajagopalachari, affectionately called as Rajaji, visited our school in 1954 when he was the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • Hon’ble Nadigar Thilagam Shivaji Ganesan have visited our school in 1964.
  • Hon'ble Ex. Chief Minister M. Bakthavatsalam visited our school on 16-11-1965.
  • Hon'ble Ex. Chief Minister Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi visited our school on 21-9-1975.
  • Hon'ble Padma Shri Prof. Solomon Pappaiah visited our school in 1979 and addressed students and dignitaries for about 2 hours.

A small bit of knowledge about us..

In Tamil Nadu, during 1977 – 78, government public examination conducted for 11th standard was stopped and system of writing public examination has been introduced for 10th class students. Hence 11th students for the last time and 10th students for the first time, wrote (S.S.L.C.) government public examination. And in 1979, 12th or +2 or Higher Secondary was first introduced. After 10th standard, students spend 2 more years in school to complete higher secondary. In due course DHS was upgraded to Devangar Higher Secondary School (DHSS). As cadres 11 and 12 here are coeducation, most girls completing S.S.L.C. at DGHS directly joined DHSS for higher secondary studies. Mahalakshmi (now Mrs. K. Mahalakshmi M.B.B.S., D.P.M.,) became the first academic topper of DHSS.

DHS had about 200 students in its first year of schooling. Until this day school got many infrastructural upgrades and academic improvements. DHSS serves 1692 students and DGHS serves 490 students now.

NCC Road..

Our school organized the National Cadet Corps (NCC) camp in 1960. National Cadet Corps soldiers from many schools across Tamil Nadu attended the camp. At that time they rendered remarkable services and charity work too. Result of those extensive efforts was the NCC Road. The road starts from Seva Sangam bus stop at Mettupatti in Chinnalapatti and proceeds to Adilatsumipuram in the west. This road is in good condition and still serves the society.

Our Esteemed Pillars

Both DHSS and DGHS are operated by a central body called Chinnalapatti Devangar Mahajana Sabai (CDMS). CDMS runs and maintains both schools till date.


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